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Saturday, February 1, 2014

RIP Lewis Blayse

Here is link to TV show Four Corners episode "Homies" which aired in Australia last night about abuse in children's homes
Interviewed is blogger Lewis Blayse who unfortunately died yesterday, just before this show aired. Sad. Perhaps trauma of the Royal Commission or having his story told on television was too much?  So sad.  He is a powerful force and will truly be missed on this planet. His website lives on at lewis blayse dot net linked below, here is the Aussie TV show Four Corners: | Commentary on the Royal Commission into ...

6 hours ago - Dear all,. My Dad, Lewis, passed away last night. They think he had a heart attack. .....
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The dying wish of a man abused at a Salvation Army home

ABC News
[with video]
Lewis Blayse championed the case of people abused at Salvation Army homes but has now passed away. Before his death, he gave 7.30 an interview in which he spoke of his hopes for the Royal Commission in to institutional abuse and for the children of the future.
LEIGH SALES, PRESENTER: The name of the Salvation Army has long been associated with the ideals of charity and compassion. So many Australians have been appalled by revelations of sexual depravity and extreme cruelty at Salvation Army homes aired at the Royal Commission into child sexual abuse in the past week.

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