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Monday, February 24, 2014

Once again we get I Apologize But, which is Not An Apology

It's not an apology if the next word you utter is "But" followed by yet another excuse, yet that is what we got from Roger Mahony this week:

Cardinal Mahony admits mistakes in handling case of abusive visiting priest

Catholic Culture
Cardinal Roger Mahony, who served as archbishop of Los Angeles from 1985 to 2011, has admitted mishandling the case of Father Nicolas Aguilar-Rivera.  In a deposition that was recently unsealed, the prelate admits directing his vicar of clergy not to give police a list of altar boys who worked with priest following abuse accusations.  The visiting priest returned to Mexico in 1988 after the vicar for clergy, now an auxiliary bishop, informed him of impending charges. The priest remains at large. “It was in early 1988," Mahony said, "some 26 years ago . . . and for those errors I apologize once again. But this case also led to several major changes in procedures used by the Archdiocese, and these were improved upon over the years.”

That is Not an Apology!
It's another man in a skirt skirting the issue

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