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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Story I keep writing over and over

As I go through my notes to prepare Chapter 2, I realize I've written parts of Chapter 1 over and over, once even posting an unfinished version in 2009, here are excerpts:

I know my sister was also raped by Father Horne when we were children, because in 1994, when I first remembered being alone with him in his bedroom, him lying on his mat, I called Trish on the phone. I said, “Do you ever think about when we were kids and Father Horne?”  

She was concerned, "Oh no, he got to you too?”  Then before I could answer, her voice deepened, got breathy, a tone that penetrated deep past the ear.   “No wonder I’ve been so mean to you all your life. You took away my first lover.” 

I was already reeling when I called her, so when she said that I hit the floor and the phone flew out of my hand, but the curled cord snapped it back and I said. "Don't say that! Patricia Stop!"  But she said it again, "You took away my first lover." 

Patricia is six years older than me, so when she got too old for a pedophile's taste, Father Horne dropped her and started in on me, creating a warped sibling dynamic that has lasted decades. 

More coming... 
I'm editing drafts to produce Chapter 2 soon at  Faster Than the Speed of Life story in progress. -ke

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