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Wednesday, March 5, 2014

The Story CBS Missed re Fr. John Feith

Now up at the *Renegade Catholic blog*: 

 Normally devoted to true crimes that have finally resolved, CBS News' 48 Hours series turned to a 50-year-old cold case this weekend. The story, "The Last Confession" was about the brutal rape and murder of a Texan beauty queen, Irene Garza, and the chief suspect, Fr. John B. Feith, the last person to see her alive. While handled with the usual sensitivity and professionalism one would expect, they totally neglected the far larger story, one that I covered in my book, Sons of Perdition. Unbelievably, the reporter, Richard Schlesinger, calmly dismissed the post-homicide career of Father Feith as being spent in "various monasteries." 


The place the accused murderer wound up in was – you guessed, Jemez Springs, at the Servants of the Paraclete's treatment center [For disturbed priests, which often meant pedophiles]. Not only that, Feith joined the order and quickly rose in it, to a position of great influence. He was the one who recommended reassignments for their "guests" – including James Porter. There is no doubt that John Feith was personally responsible for sending these monsters unsupervised back into unsuspecting communities where they could continue their crimes.  
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