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Sunday, March 30, 2014

Homeless Slide Show, Sidewalk Style

A little off topic, although my friends assure me child sex abuse victims often end up homeless as adults, here is a Rerun from CofA11 June 10, 2009 for your Sunday viewing

Homeless Slide Show, Sidewalk Style. Photos by Kay Ebeling

She Stays Near Hollywood and Vine

Says her name is Diana Ross


Homeless Guy by Pershing Square


The sun is hot at Melrose and Vine, even in February

Close on Anguished Face

He Has a Great Spot Close to Transportation:

He used to stand all day behind a bus bench at the corner of Melrose and Vine.


He Could Be Your Brainy Uncle


Close to transportation
In the alley behind the bus stop


Do You Recognize Him?

He was outside the Oscars February 2009


This man I've seen a few times, on buses, he sits, takes up eight seats, people shove him and his things aside to take a seat. . .

She Digs Through Trash for Lunch-

I see the woman below often when going to Civil West courthouse, Dept 308 where Elias sits- she wanders the blocks near Vermont and Sixth, digging through trash for food, perching in wait in doorways....


Another Pershing Square resident:


Lenny Sits in front of Political Signs

And shabby rundown apartments that cost at least two thousand to move in, a thousand a month to live in.

Lenny, closer

Lenny, Closer


People wander day and night
The streets of L.A., all their earthly belongings in a rusty grocery cart


Across from Federal Courthouse
Downtown L.A., parks and green spots are populated by people with no visible means of hygenic toiletry...


At Sunset and Normandie on an April 2009 afternoon

Yes, life goes

Here are some more homeless pics from 2010

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