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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Pope calls Church victim and those molested by priests the problem

Terry McKiernan
"Terrence McKiernan of said it was 'breathtaking' that Francis had made the church the victim of the scandal, rather than express sorrow to the hundreds of thousands of victims or acknowledge the complicity of bishops in covering up the crimes.  'It is astonishing, at this late date, that Pope Francis would recycle such tired and defensive rhetoric,' McKiernan said in a statement."  Continue Reading Here in Washington Post today.

Me: Problem with Pope calling Church victim and those of us molested by priests the problem is the Pope's words are what parishioners will hear, and that is the only thing parishioners will hear.  The church set it up to end up this way from the start, they insulate the congregations against any true information about these crimes by setting the accusers up as bad guys.  Great PR on the part of the church, lousy pastoral care but hey, they aren't genuine Christians, so what do you expect. They just developed a 2-century long corporation around Christianity and billions of earthlings buy into it daily.  And they allowed hundreds of thousands of kids to be raped all over the world last century in order to protect their assets.  That's a church?

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