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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

I am not Paranoid, they really are all Spies!

A Taste of   
at CofA 15

When I started CofA Blog in Jan 2007, I showed up out of nowhere and clerks in L.A. Superior Court helped me find my way around the maze of documents exposing crimes of the Cardinal and Archdiocese in the L.A. Clergy Cases.  I would copy type those documents and post them here at CofA 3.   

Then along with other events, the file room closed and strange things began to happen in my life. 

I started to get paranoid.
Then realized I'm not paranoid
They really are all spies
From that time when docs exposing the L.A. Archdiocese were moved where no one could see them, things changed, and my life started to get weird. Three years later I felt like Dr. Sidney Schaefer in The President's Analyst (1967 film clipped in screen shots above) 

Now I'm finding a new way to tell this story at CofA 15 
Posted by Kay Ebeling

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