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Monday, June 16, 2014

My situation is not like anyone else's anywhere so No Normal Marketing Solution applies.

More on why I don't have any money

Asking my readers for PayPal clicks is only a temporary fix. 
Finding out how the Church blocked ads here is the answer.
Moving this blog to  new place won't help as Google Adsense has blocked me everywhere, and Google now supplies the ads for just about every website.  So if I try to put ads on a new blog, they will not accept it.  As soon as I put in my social security number or email address, a notice comes up saying, this account has been blocked from Google Ad sense.
Then they direct me to a forum to find out why, and none of their FAQs have any answers as to what to do when the Catholic Church sabotages your blog.
Someone did something to my blog while I was at the SNAP conference in Chicago summer 2008, and since my pedophile priest case is in Chicago and I’d been blogging for a year and a half and causing a lot of trouble with the stories I was writing, and since there has been No Way to resolve this problem since, I can only conclude that the Chicago Archdiocese did something to my blog through my computer while I was at the SNAP conference in Chicago summer 2008. 
My laptop was in my hotel room several times while I was down in the conference area taking part in some SNAP presentation.  I did not realize until a few days later that my laptop must have been hacked during the conference.  “Someone” did "something" that got me blocked from ads with Google and if I start a blog Anywhere, I can't make money as all ads online everywhere now are done by Google. 
I was running ads and getting a monthly check from Google when in July 08, two days after the SNAP conference, all the ads disappeared from my blog.
I opened my laptop that day and the ads were just gone.
I tried to find out why and all I could ever get was a computerized message saying “illegal activity you are blocked until further notice” and then there was never any further notice.
I have tried over and over and I just can't get the ads back. And I can't put ads anywhere else.  If I start a new blog and try to “monetize,” I get the same notice, "Blocked due to illegal activity" and I can't find out what the illegal activity was.
The main way to make money with a blog - and I Would Be Making A Lot Now - is through clicks.  In 2014 I am getting thousands of clicks a week, and I should be getting a monthly check from Google and I can't figure out how to get it fixed. 
I'm not motivated to promote the blog as why should I?  I'll never be able to make any money from it, no matter how many clicks I get.
The Church succeeded in keeping me from being able to make a living off my blog and I have no idea how to fix it. I've been trying for years to find a human at Google and they only talk to advertisers who have at least five thousand dollars, you can't get through to any human being at Google.
The Chicago Archdiocese sabotaged my blog and my livelihood, I just can't prove it.
Asking my readers for money is not the answer, it's only a temporary fix. Finding out what the Church did to me through Google is the answer. Maybe I should try to go in person to Google corporate headquarters, because you can't get through to anyone by phone.  Or mail.
Actually it's quite a story. If I could ever find out what the church or "someone" did to me through Google Ad Sense, it would be a good story. 
So how do I find a human at Google who can fix this? 

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