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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

News Update

From Abuse Tracker today 

Belgian Church on the offensive against paedophile priests

by Ivano Abbadessa
After the child sex abuse scandals in Belgium, the Catholic Church has taken a zero-tolerance line on paedophilia, which was recently reiterated by Pope Francis. Atonement, compensation and prevention are the guidelines of this new strategy that, according to the data, appears to be working. According to the report from the Belgian inter-diocesan Commission, 621 victims have reported the abuse to the Centre of Arbitration, which was active until 31 October 2012. A further 323 reports have been received in the past two years at 10 ‘contact points’, operational since January 2012, which the Catholic Church set up in the provinces of Belgium. Although 8% of these reports have not yet been fully processed, 125 victims of abuse by priests have already received financial compensation totalling about €1m. The document shows that 92% of victims were under 18 at the time of the abuse and 25% were under 10.


Abuse inquiry to examine Nestor case

The Age
June 4, 2014
Paul Osborne, AAP Senior Political Writer
The royal commission into child abuse will examine the case of a former Catholic priest who once received a court reference from Tony Abbott.
John Gerard Nestor, 50, was a priest in the Wollongong diocese in NSW when he was charged with the indecent assault of a teenage altar boy.
In his 1997 court case, the priest admitted he had slept on mattresses on a floor with the boy and his younger brother in July 1991, but denied assaulting the boy.
The prime minister,

Insurer files suit against KC Catholic Diocese

Kansas City Business Journal
Kansas City Business Journal
An insurance company for the Catholic Diocese of Kansas City-St. Joseph that provided liability insurance to diocese in the 1970s says it should not have to pay damages for sexual abuse cases, KCUR reports.


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