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Sunday, June 26, 2016

email to a friend or two

the blog ruined my life, honest. Since I've been in Tahoe I have tried over and over to join things, volunteer places. They say, oh we'd love to have you, they encourage me. Then I fill in the form and someone Googles my name. And they never contact me again. 
I tried this in Tahoe now with: 
Serving the homeless (in a Pres church that was advertising for more volunteers)
helping out with a mental health group (Catholics on their Board) 
and most recently "League to Save Lake Tahoe" where they embraced me at their fundraiser / volunteer recruiting party. I know a lot about environmental stuff, hey, I used to work at NASA. So I filled out the form, I am a journalist will work for you for free. 
Once someone googles my name I am a parriah. 
I never thought about this when I was posting and posting at CofA Blog all that stuff in 2007 and in 2008 or one of my favorites PipiLeaks in 2009 then as I went under attack I tried to continue in 2011 but it all started to fall apart after that. 
A few months back every apartment I applied for turned me down with no explanation as well. They were mostly nonprofit run low income places. One was run by the Sisters of Mercy and, they did not respond to me. 
I finally got that little check from the archbishop of chicago in March and used it to get into a long term vacation rental, no questions asked just hand over the cash. That's where most of my settlement went, my nonrefundable housing deposit. 
And to top it off
I have no one to watch Spotlight with. 

(earlier in a journal): 
Whole time I was doing the blog, people kept saying to me, you're so brave.  I would think, what are they talking about. I'm a journalist, this is a story that needs to be told, what else would I do but write it, that's what journalists do.  I was so caught up in the pace I didn't realize why they were calling me brave.
I do now. 
It's been a few years since I wrote a real piece of journalism on the blog, all I do now is dash off a raging paragraph or two that is just personal opinion, ranting.
But this blog will follow me to my grave.
It just happened again. I went to a place, everyone was happy to meet me, encouraging me to sign up to volunteer.  But then I filled in the form with my real name and, well, I never heard from them again. 

And then SNAP, on whom my reporting is the root of these problems, has the audacity to call itself a Support Network for pedophile priest crime survivors. I can't seem to get over how extremely pissed off I am about this whole thing. 

I remember how weird things got, from the minute I posted the post on Feb 10 2010 (since then I've added to it) saying I think SNAP is working for the church and why. One of the strangest parts was this phone call I got from My Lawyer about ten minutes later, 
On A Super Bowl Sunday in 2010 my lawyer 
who never called me ever 
dropped everything to call me
Telling me I had to take down the post. And I would not take it down. Then, only then, did i start to go under attack. For pointing out the stuff that was wrong with SNAP, not for reporting on pedophile priest crimes, which everyone knew a bit about. It was what I uncovered about SNAP that caused all the trouble... 

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