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Sunday, June 26, 2016

I can finally tell this part of the story

Super Bowl Sunday February 2010
(first draft, needs editing)

It was maybe two hours after I put up the "kamikaze post" that I got a phone call from my lawyer. Now that my case is "settled" and I'll probably never hear from any of them again, I feel it's okay to tell this part of the story 
His voice was hesitant.  Considering the hour and who he was, he could have been coming out from church, it was still early in the day. It was Super Bowl Sunday. 
He  said, "I don't know what it is you just put up." Hesitate, inhale cough- "but … take it down."
What? I said? Why are you calling me saying that.
"It's just-" hesitate hesitate "you have to take it down."
Who called you and told you to tell me that? I asked and he did not answer.
So I answered something like, "Sure I'll take the post down, you tell those church pukes that for six million dollars I'll take my whole blog down. Nothing less. Six million dollars."
He sputtered something that showed he didn't really know why himself, he hesitated more, but the end result was, my lawyer called two hours after I put up the post and asked me to take it down. I refused to take it down because I've been a journalist a lot longer than I've been a pedophile priest lawsuit plaintiff and it just did not rub me right.
And it was then that the attacks on me behind the scenes started, that resulted in me living six years later in a strange town hiding without a friend or a family member in the world in my life. 

(How did my lawyer, not in his office or at home at the time, know I'd put up the post? Who called him right away and told him to call me and tell me to take it down? Who knew he was my attorney? Well, I did tell one person who my attorney was, who would have known to call him ... and that's another reason why I believe SNAP works for the church. 
Like most civil lawsuit attorneys, mine rarely returned my calls, and only called me if he had something to tell me.  Yet, here it was Super Bowl Sunday and I'd only signed on with him a few months earlier, my case was barely in motion. And within minutes after my post, someone knew to call him and tell him to call me.)
More on this story to come) 

I woke up in a sweat. The past few weeks I'd been in these confusing conversations with David Clohessy over the telephone from St. Louis.  I lived in an apartment in central Hollywood that was just north of being a slum, you feel like a rodent already when you live in housing like that.
From that whole in the wall I was doing City of Angels Blog from scratch, figuring it out as I went along
And it was now three years into the project, and I kept having these weird experiences and everything pointed to SNAP was not who they said they were.  So in all the naivete I still had at that point, I ended up in phone conversations with David C trying to find out what SNAP really was. 
And here this executive director of a pretty big nonprofit who was in the news all the time was claiming he knew nothing at all about where the money came from or who makes the decisions about what to do with the money, who decides what project that SNAP will have.  Every question I asked the exec director of the organization that was supposed to be there for me as one of the victim was met with, "I have no idea, that's not my job, I don't handle that," etcetera.
Those answers from Clohessy, combined with things survivors were telling me in interviews one after the other as I did the blog caused-
I woke up that Super Bowl Sunday morning, rolled off my futon over to the laptop and started writing.  SNAP is being incompetent on purpose, I said, and it came out wrong and a lot of people got angry.  What I was saying is, you can't keep screwing up one thing after another the exact same way in city after city unless that is what you are setting out to do.  They were being incompetent on purpose, sending out press notifications with incorrect times and addresses, that was the one that was repeated in city after city that was just so blatant.
I think the template for SNAP as a counter intel group in the pedophile priest movement was created before the internet, so it did not take into account all the information people would be able to get in spite of the Church.
But I digress.
That Super Bowl Sunday I put up that post, what I now refer to as my kamikaze post and then watched the chips start to fall.

As they say, you do something and let the chips fall. Then, the chips start to fall.

And one of the first chips to fall was that phone call from my lawyer. 

(SIDE TRIP: I'd already in the first minutes after putting up the kamikaze post gotten email from Bob Schwiderski going on the offense reacting to the post.  Every time I'd put up a story that kind of questioned what SNAP was in the previous weeks, I'd get an email from Bob Schwiderski saying to stop asking questions, but after the Super Bowl Sunday 2010 post, this SNAP leader from Minnesota went into full attack mode, which ended up about a week later with him sending out emails to 500 people on his list condemning me in a nasty parody video. My email also filled up in the hours and days after the kamikaze post  with notes from other pedophile priest victims saying, you are so right about SNAP I feel exactly the same way, which surprised me and gave me hope. Schwiderski's attack was very visible. After that the creeps went behind the scenes to discredit this blog and keep it from being picked up by other sites. That's SNAP. )

(NOTE: This is a quickly jotted down first draft but this is the story I still need to tell)

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