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Saturday, May 24, 2014

UN Everywhere Where?

While the world yawns, survivors hear crickets

I think what they accomplished at the UN yesterday, so twice this year, was amazing, yet not one mainstream paper has reported it with any significance and now the Pope is visiting the Middle East. Forget that the UN torture / clergy sex abuse announcement came out on the Friday before Memorial Day, it's astonishing that SNAP doesn't have every one of its local groups doing significant events locally to spread word about the UN committee decision yesterday.  

I'm ready to mend fences, I emailed a couple L.A. SNAP people saying, why don't we do something to publicize this and I got . . . crickets, nothing, no one has anything planned, they say they haven't heard anything. 

BUT I also just put the idea on my Facebook page and a SNAP volunteer in the Philippines thinks it's a good idea. Maybe we should just spontaneously on our own say, hey, the UN is citing the Pope for the way bishops aided and abetted pedophiles, according to analysis at several news sources -- best at Bishop Accountability -- just like we've been saying in the "survivor movement" on our own for more than twenty years.  

I'd go to a SNAP event in L.A. even though it will cost me to get there, as I think the thing at the UN yesterday was amazing.  I don't get why it isn't being used as a rallying cry to reignite us and publicize it publicize it publicize it.  

ALSO, I plan to read the whole thing which you can find here
before saying what it says or does not say

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