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Friday, September 25, 2015

Anyone else notice?

In same speech where Pope thanked the U.S. bishops for how they handled the pedophile priest crisis, he lionized the founder of Catholic Worker, the organization Barbara Blaine worked for when she started SNAP, anyone else notice? Weird connections between SNAP and the Church at a very high level like these documents at CofA 8 just never stop. I fist linked those docs at this story about my experience with SNAP written in 2011 and I really just want to go swimming now. Wish an objective journalist would investigate what was really done to the pedophile priest victims through the counter-intelligence group set up by U.S. bishops known as SNAP, so that I could retire. 

Barbara Blaine - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Barbara Blaine is the founder and president of Survivors Network of those Abused by ...She then held a decade-long position with the Catholic Worker, a social  ...

Thanks to NCR, my crisis became a cause | National ...

National Catholic Reporter
Jul 6, 2015 - Barbara Blaine, holding a photo of herself as a child, protests at the Vatican 


Right after the Pope's speech to Congress, Blaine sent out this strange email:to so many of her lists that even I got one.

The whole SNAP thing continues to be
The story will not go away

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HOW I RESPONDED TO THE POPE's SPEECH thanking the bishops:

To the Pope, US bishops Really Have done a great job with the pedophile priest issue. They were never prosecuted.‪#‎SpotlightMovie‬ -

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