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Sunday, September 20, 2015

Piker Church

the Catholic Church has spent at least a million dollars monitoring me last eight years yet they still have never settled my lawsuit. Harassed the hell out of me though
it started here at CofA3 when I realized No Other journalist was covering the thousand lawsuits going through L.A. Superior Court in 2007 and I was a small free press for a year and a half before the Church started putting "handlers" in my life, (I know who they are now) tapping my phone, intercepting every story I was developing and making it stop. They made the whole blog stop. I WISH an investigative journalist would fucking do that story.

Cardinal Stritch stood over me in 1955 in Chicago and said I had to stop "babbling" to everyone about what Father Horne had done to me. So I kept quiet for 40 years. Now in my late 50s -- I babble.
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