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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Church left pedo-priest victims for US welfare departments to deal with us

Finally saw a shrink today after needing one for years and am on the way to connecting with help, so glad I moved here to Tahoe as even though it's low rent, it's a desirable place so it draws good medical people.
Anyway. As the session ended, she said almost into the paperwork she was filling out, "It's not the first time I've had a patient who was sexually molested by a Catholic priest."
She looks about sixteen, could not have more than five years of experience out of grad school (a social worker not really a shrink). Her reaction tells me that pedophile priest victims are apparently So Common we're showing up in Medi-Cal clinics, all of us a burden on society because the FUCKING CHURCH did not do what it should have done and take care of us.
Broke and pissed

PS The US government should sue the Vatican for all the pedophile priest victims who've ended up on Welfare and other government programs due to the Church's Negligence and Greed and Inability to Take Responsibility for its own Crimes and their peripheral damages with which we are all living. 

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