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Thursday, September 24, 2015

What Pope Says versus my real experience as pedophile priest crime victim

While Pope speaks, his lawyers are attacking me

The Pope said just now to Congress, we should be concerned about those "trapped in a cycle of poverty" and I wonder, what about this pedophile priest victim / blogger. I lost every job I had due to my sexual dysfunction and now am in such a frightening trap of poverty that I'm praying for a terminal illness as I don't know how I'm going to live to old age on a six hundred dollar a month pension.
The Chicago Archdiocese has dragged out my civil lawsuit for years, offering me a settlement then reneging on it, actually twice now, money they dangle in front of me making me think they will help lift me out of the poverty that was a direct result of their negligence in leaving Father Horne in office after he raped my older sister.
They are using the opening of a possible settlement as a way to get my lawyers to call me and ask harassing questions. Then they are never forthcoming with a settlemetn. 
Instead while the Pope addresses Congress, the Chicago Archdiocese is THIS WEEK using hardball tactics to harass me even while admitting the crimes happened and that I deserve a settlement.  
The Chicago Archdiocese is harassing me and trying to defeat my spirit as a pedophile priest victim at exactly the same time the Pope is addressing Congress about the plight of the elderly and poor. 

PS: Plus since this blog is on the web for life, I am now unemployable. 

Kay Ebeling
Producer, City of Angels Blog
Not just L.A., the City of Angels Is Everywhere

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