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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

April 19: International memory day for Catholic sexual abuse survivors

Nunatsiaq Online
In order to never forget the suffering, the dying and seeking for recognition and resurrection, the victims and survivors of sexual abuse and abuse of power by the Roman Catholic Church commemorate this year on Silent Saturday at 3 p.m.
They light a candle at home or wherever they are, not for themselves, but for fellow sufferers, locally and around the world.
This year, Silent Saturday falls on April 19.
Individuals or groups wishing to join this action put a burning candle in a symbolic place, or in their church next to the 13th station of the Way of the Cross, with the text “Esse est percipi, to be is being perceived, survivors of sexual abuse in the Catholic church.”
For more information or to inform us that you want to participate in this action, as a group or as a church congregation, please contact us at:
International initiative, Memory Day for survivors of sexual abuse in the Catholic Church:
Rik Devillé

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