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Monday, April 14, 2014

WTF is SNAP doing now?

Why exaggerate when the truth is so bad itself? 
Like we could not find a legitimate argument, so we stretched out someone else's?  
Child molestation by priests is not torture. 
I see this latest UN filing by SNAP as playing right into the Vatican's hands, with a weak legal argument that hurts our cause. I hope I am wrong, but as always, I write here what I see and that is what I see.  A confounding, almost preposterous, stretch when there are hundreds of legitimate criminal charges that could be made against Catholic bishops. 

Shadow Report Prepared for 52nd Session of the UN Committee Against Torture in Connection with its Review of the Holy See

UNITED STATES Center for Constitutional Rights and Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
Introduction = Naming is important. Pope John Paul II recognized as much when he observed that “[t]orture must be called by its proper name” upon the Holy See’s accession to the Convention Against Torture, and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.3

Again. SNAP does not speak for me or any victims I've talked to. I doubt they discussed this additional UN filing, or the first one, with any more than five survivors before taking these steps.  I don't see it as positive or accomplishing much.  It's bad PR, I can hear Donohoe and Pierre now. Torture? Sexual violence?  It's too big a stretch.  Plays right into the church attorneys' hands.  Bad move. 
This filing at the UN is not going to make pedophile priest victims look credible at all, it makes us look like we are grasping at straws, like we could not find a legitimate argument. 
-kay ebeling.  
I stand by what I see and read, not what someone tells me to see.
From their brief: 
There is no mention of acts that have resulted in an astonishing and incalculable amount of harm around the world – profound and lasting physical and mental suffering – with little to no accountability and access to redress

OMG have they ever seen victims of torture? They suffer from more than anxiety.  PLEASE You are hurting the cause more and more every day.  WHO THE FUCK PUT SNAP IN CHARGE OF THIS "MOVEMENT"?????
Yet nowhere in the Holy See’s Initial Report under the Convention (“Initial Report”) does it make any mention of the widespread and systemic rape and sexual violence committed by Catholic clergy against hundreds of thousands of children and vulnerable adults around the world.4

OH DAMN:  They just lost it for us. They are delegimizing genuine torture at the same time they delegitimize the pedophile priest molestations.  WTF!!!

Another botched opportunity brought to you by SNAP.  And we wonder why the pew Catholics haven't gotten it yet how bad these crimes were?  Look who's been in charge, or rather, look who put themselves in charge.  Or rather, who the F put them in charge? 

Read bk truth is they have not proven me wrong yet. 

Survivors of torture and violence end up dead.  SNAP here makes pedo-priest victims look like whiners and exaggerators.  
We don't need to exaggerate.  
Just show the truth in its real terms for cripes sake. 
The timing on this is TOo ConveNiEnt.  Friday the Pope makes an apology that is repeated every where EVERYWHERE over and over, as if it means something.  Sunday 60 minutes spends 20 minutes of its program salivating over the wonderful Pope so much it caused a nasal e-coli outbreak at CBS. Then Monday SNAP files a brief with the UN [What Happened to The Hague?] and makes the pedophile priest victims look like Idiots.  IS THIS A COINCIDENCE?????

THIS: Pope Francis Part One:
Is a product of the same PR machine that gave us SNAP
Come on, people, how much more obvious does this have to be?

The reason no bishops went to prison, the reason there is no real support for the hundreds of thousands of victims who SNAP claims to represent but never talks to, is SNAP is a hologram, created by the Church to control us.  We all trusted them and told them our stories, and SNAP took our stories and hid them from the world, never publishing any more than what has already been published.  What did SNAP do with all those other stories? 

Now the Vatican has not felt any pain over allowing thousands of priests to rape children.  
Go figure.  Hundreds of thousands of pedophile priest victims in the world and yet only 3 people ever get heard.  And they say things like "We are disappointed with the Vatican." 

After screwing up yet another effort that should have brought victory to the survivors, they take off for holidays in places like Paris.  

Wake up. 

Next Day Post Note:
SNAP has given our critics the hook for which they've been looking to hang pedophile priest victims, calling us exaggerators, fiction writers, etc. 


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  4. Comment from Jay Nelson:

    I've always had issues with the widespread terming of things as "child abuse" that aren't. Here, if you get busted for DWI with a kid in the car, it's labeled that -- when it should be called "criminal negligence" or maybe "Darwinian stupidity".

    Abuse, particularly that of pre-teens who aren't groomed and seduced but violently raped is sexual torture. But so what? The Catholic Church is famous for torture, all kinds -- hell, they're the go-to experts. All the shit that happened in Abu Ghraib came from the Inquisition's manuals.

    I think the idea of calling it torture is to denigrate it afterwards. That if it isn't torture, it isn't abuse, which is the sort of jesuitical thinking one can expect coming from Rome.

    -From Jay Nelson author of Renegade Catholic Blog

    1. Interesting. When I saw those words torture, my first thought was, oh, well my rape wasn't torture, so maybe it was not really that bad. These people use all the tricks on us.

  5. Thanks, Jim, for being balls-y and saying even more than I thought to say.

  6. Weirdest thing about this is all the survivors who agree with me, tell me in private that I'm right about SNAP. But they are afraid to say it out loud. I get that. I feel a big fear every time I let go and post what I think SNAP really is. It's a palatable fear that they somehow put in us. But, look at who the bad guys are here. Of course they use subtextual fear to keep us in line. Fifty years from now maybe people will figure out what really happened here. We have to keep documenting our experience for now, so people can read about it later.

  7. Comment from Jim Robertson:
    Kay you are so right about the connection of the puff piece on Francis by 60 minutes and SNAP filing it's petition to the U.N. the very next day
    Kay, SNAP's success in manipulating victims has been so important to the church thast it's been sent to "lead" victims internationally.
    Tom Doyle; Jason Berry; Jeff Anderson; Barbras, Blaine and Dorris; Clohessy are now THE authorities to go to by the media for the "survivors" POV When no victim has ever asked them to do these things. No victim ever asked for these people to represent us particularly how they pretend to present our points of view without EVER asking us for our POV.
    the pope asks us victims to forgive him/them. My answer is this: NO COMPENSATION FOR THE VICTIMS. NO FORGIVENESS FROM THE VICTIMS (I capitalize not to shout but to emphasize, well maybe to shout a bit too)


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