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Saturday, April 12, 2014

This is what's happening

Kay Ebeling shared a linkabout an hour ago  More Weird Stuff - I lost my notes. This is third time I've worked on a story, turned computer off normal way and turned it back on and the Word file was gone. It's really weird, all three stories were CofA blog posts in progress. So either I am self destructing them in my sleep or some thing is in my computer or outside doing something. Now I may track all that research down and write it again, or I may not. . . sigh It's especially weird, bk all versions of the files are gone, there's no "original file" as in when computer crashes. One I had started writing last summer and was finishing. It disappeared. Other one I had just started and this morning it's disappeared too. What's a blogger to do. Maybe the Catholics haven't been lying, maybe it's. . . SATAN in my Computer keeping stories about pedophile priests from getting produced. Man, I wanted to link to Church Chat at YouTube but it is hard to find clips online, But I'm joking, I don't really think the devil is screwing with my computer. It is someone evil though... Those who've read this blog and kept in touch through Facebook (click name above) know this is not the first time "someone" has screwed with my computer, and my life, since I started doing this blog. Hmm, who could I be upsetting?

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