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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Archbishop draws small crowd at Mass of Atonement

Do they really think after all they did that we want to go to their Mass, or worse, that we believe their Mass will somehow take care of things?  Clueless bishop sticks his feet in the face of the rest of us there lying prostrate in front of the altar*, as if that helps anything.  Get Up And Do Something, Bishop L, something besides Praying for us. I truly do not believe Your prayers have any value at all.  Do Something REAL!!!
Victims of clergy sex abuse protest outside Mass of Atonement
WISCONSIN WISN [with video]
MEQUON, Wis. —Some victims of sex abuse at the hands of religious clergy attended the Mass of Atonement at Lumen Christi Parish in Mequon on Tuesday. Some joined church leaders in prayer while others protested. Those who protested outside were invited to participated in the Mass, but said they wanted no part of it...
Posted by Kathy Shaw at 6:39 AM
I had to laugh. Footage in report shows all the empty seats in the church.  Suppose they held a Mass of Atonement and nobody came.  Sorry, but these guys are so clueless. He's prostate in front of an altar in a purple dress, I mean... seriously?
*In this same time period Milwaukee diocese works with lawyers to cut 80 percent of the plaintiffs out of final settlement after dragging the cases out through a bankruptcy that's lasted more than three years.
AARGH I need to get back to work on Faster

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