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Saturday, April 19, 2014

More Drive-By Press Releases from SNAP

I live in this population of pedophile priest victims, about 80 percent men 20 percent women, all of us probably the most sexually dysfunctional people on Earth.  Among us we've lived horribly damaged lives, some are in prison because they became sexual predators themselves. But don't expect the Catholic Church to admit to any of the real damage they caused when they make another public apology about clergy abuse. 

You'll also never hear SNAP admit to how badly we are damaged or any details of the crimes committed by priests and bishops.  In fact, if you look closely at any press statement from SNAP about 80 percent of the time, the release could apply to any pedophile priest crime in any city.

One survivor friend describes it as, “When news breaks of another pedophile priest, David Clohessy drives by and throws press releases out the window.” And that's it.  That's about all SNAP does.

I'm sitting here on Good Saturday realizing once again I have to go through a holiday where everybody in the world is repeating Catholic lies, so I have to stay shut in and quiet to avoid arguments with my neighbors.

I go to my gmail where I have news alerts and in rolls Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests with about seven links to media around the world, then before I can set down my coffee cup, in rolls an equal amount of stories for David Clohessy, and I think, yep, even on Easter Weekend.  David’s doing more drive-by’s. 

What the press and everybody else doesn't realize is that's all SNAP does.  Oh, and also, make sure none of us do anything else.  That's SNAP. 

They're over there calling out, me- me, look at us, here here.  Don't look over there, just look at us.  Then they announce all the great stuff they're doing for "survivors, not victims, survivors," and Not One Reporter bothers to follow-up and see if any of it's true. 

Meanwhile, since starting City of Angels Blog in January 2007, I have had a very unique perspective, as in I Witnessed It Happening All Across the Country.

The year 2008 was amazing, jaw-dropping.  No matter where this story broke, from Alaska to Alabama, as soon as there was word that another pedophile priest had been revealed, within hours, Clohessy was on a plane, and on the scene, conducting. . . damage control.

That's all SNAP is. 

They show up, suck up all the names of survivors and press, then leave.  Locally we can't even find out who the other people were at our own press events.  SNAP takes the information and leaves. 

There is plenty of evidence of this massive betrayal of vulnerable people conducted by the Church through SNAP.  Writing blog stories, I discovered by accident dozens of examples of SNAP damage control, back in the years when CofA Blog was going strong, before SNAP managed to derail me.  

Dozens of victims across the country related their weird SNAP experiences to me as first person accounts, and I'm just one sick old lady with a blog.  Any reporter willing to risk his paycheck would follow up on this story, because anyone with a brain can see that a bunch of bishops aided and abetted thousands of pedophile priests, let them prey in American neighborhoods, and created hundreds of thousands of really screwed-up victims. 

And yet not one bishop went to prison, or even suffered a blemish on his reputation, outside of our small cloistered insulated group, people who have communicated through SNAP. 

Out there in the world, they do not know there are a hundred thousand victims and seven thousand verified pedophilepriests identified in the USA alone.

Because the church did this great job of damage control, usurping any grass roots movement among the victims, and keeping as little of the story from coming out as possible.

The bishops knew the victims wouldn't talk to them, so they created SNAP.

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ADDED LATER: Oh and they work for civil SOL reform so victims with the most evidence and proof can be paid off and the crimes can remain secret. Sorry, folks, but that's why SNAP steers everyone they can find to lawyers, so they can shut us up. That's what the stream of lawsuits produced. More secrecy, more silence. 
It's my destiny to write this, even though it does mean I have to hide in the desert and be a hermit. 

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