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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Think About It

Who does not believe that the Catholic Church would resort to espionage type tactics to infiltrate and if possible run any efforts among the pedophile priest victims, from the time we first began to emerge in the 1980s? Only one group knew there were hundreds of thousands of us back then, the American bishops, and so they got it all under control real fast.
ADDED April 26
And Kilroy shows up again
There in the beginning of the news clip is Barbara Blaine lighting a candle outside the Vatican. 
'nuff said.  No matter where the story breaks, there is Blaine or Clohessy doing some inane thing that tells you nothing about thousands of victims of pedophile priests. You'd think someone in the press would see how weird that is and dig a little but. . 
UPDATE: April 29 Every opportunity they have, they drop the ball. In front of international media, they never mention felony aiding and abetting committed by bishops. They never mention a hundred thousand victims of seven thousand known priests in the USA alone.  Instead it's, "the bishops never punished the priests," as in this week's reporting on two popes becoming saints. Everywhere, the person who is always on camera, Barbara Blaine, repeated that message, that the bishops were too nice to punish the priests.  
The U.S. Bishops Should Be Federally Indicted. 
But you never hear SNAP say anything that strong, 
and all you ever hear in the news speaking for us is SNAP. 
IS THERE A REPORTER OUT THERE with a soul who will write this story and expose this scam that was played on a hundred thousand pedophile priest crime victims in the USA and now they are probably going to do in Europe and the rest of the world?  Please!!!

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