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Monday, May 19, 2014


Bad news for the pedophile priest "survivor" community today.  
When the Vatican says it's going to give new priority to the pedophile priest crisis, it means for the priests, not the victims. 
First the announcement of a new commission to handle priests' appeals today showing what the tack from the Vatican will be to show that priests are innocent. Pope Francis shows his true colors:

Pope establishing commission to hear appeals of accused priests.

dotCommonweal - Grant Gallicho May 19, 2014 In a brief note this morning, the Vatican announced that Pope Francis has appointed Archbishop Jose Luis Mollaghan of Rosaria, Argentina, to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, where he will have "responsibility for" a commission to examine appeals by clergy accused of “delicta graviora"--a canonical term that includes the crime of sexual abuse. The Vatican statement provided no further details about this new commission.
As Catholic News Service notes, over the past decade, the Holy See has laicized 848 priests for abusing minors or vulnerable adults. Over the same period, another twenty-five hundred priests were ordered not to have contact with minors, and to live our their lives in prayer and penances, usually for reasons of advanced age.
Posted by Kathy Shaw at 12:49 PM

And this comes out same day in David Pierre's Media Report 

Church-Suing Lawyer Garabedian Apoplectic As Diocese of Fall River Stands Firm Against Unfounded Abuse Claim

Last week, leading contingency lawyer Mitchell Garabedian dramatically claimed that the Catholic Church is "once again acting in the most immoral way by allowing the wholesale sexual abuse of children."  Wow! "Allowing the wholesale sexual abuse of children"? What exactly could have prompted Garabedian's shocking claim? ... [Read more]

The Catholic Church's new direction will be, blame the victims, poor priests, why don't the "survivors" just forgive and forget. And the Church has numerous structures in place to pull this off. 

Plus I'm persona non grata and most victims won't return my phone calls. 

How did this happen? 


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