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Saturday, May 3, 2014

You read it here and then it happens there...

I wrote here  April 14 that the new UN filing adding "violence" and "torture" to pedophile priest crimes opened the door for the Vatican to walk in and wipe out the entire filing.  Now the Huff Post here and many others report the Vatican is walking through that door,  saying pedophilia by priests was not violence and torture, so the international prosecution that a group tried to get going at The Hague in Spring 2011 has now been totally usurped by SNAP and turned into something that will not accomplish anything. That's their MO, take over anything real activists are doing, make it a SNAP project, then defuse it. 

MONDAY, APRIL 14, 2014

WTF is SNAP doing now?

Why exaggerate when the truth is so bad itself?  Like we could not find a legitimate argument, so we stretched out someone else's?  
It started here on April 7, 2011  
Write Hague Criminal Court Prosecutor re Crimes Against Humanity by Pope  
Here is Huff Post yesterday 
Vatican Urges U.N. Not To Equate Sex Abuse With Torture 
What next? For me, it's back to work this AM on my job in reality TV. 
UPDATE: Monday May 5
What baffles me is why the UN thing was outsourced to the CCR in New York, who knew NOTHING about the history of this issue, had to trust just what SNAP told them.  Relied entirely on Bishop Accountability to write the brief, apparently got no new info from SNAP as the brief only references stories that have been reported in the news. 
Was there really no one in all the survivor community including SNAP's 15,000 members who could have handled the criminal prosecution filing at The Hague, which is what today's UN stuff started as, so instead SNAP hired the Center for Constitutional Rights?  
And the Hague filing ended up at the UN, making it, like everything else, no more than a media event for SNAP, just on a much larger scale. But who will be prosecuted bk of these UN hearings?  Who will suffer other than a little more bad press for the Vatican, which will have no effect at all? 

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