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Thursday, May 1, 2014

More empty PR from SNAP this week in L.A.

I published this on Sunday and then SNAP sent out a release Wednesday for an event this Friday in L.A., including an appearance by David Clohessy himself tomorrow so SNAP can give their exec director an award by for his amazing work at SNAP, using a pedophile priest who is now working for the UN in Argentina as an example of SNAP's great work.  The pedophile priest works now for the UN?  After SNAP exposed him only five years after his accusations? Wow, that's real effective work. No wonder the leaders of SNAP are flying into town to give themselves an award.  **Update below

CA--New accused cleric exposed in LA

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests
New accused cleric exposed in LA
When "outed" in AZ, he was sent overseas
He's now still on the job in Pope's home country
SNAP to archbishop: “You must demand his return”
“Reach out to all possible victims,” support group begs
What: Holding signs and photos of themselves at a sidewalk press conference, victims of sexual abuse will:
--Expose a credibly accused cleric who recently lived and worked in LA,
--Show how he lived with families with kids, and
--Explain how he was sent overseas when he was publicly accused of child sex crimes in Arizona.
Brother Richard Suttle, a member of the Claretian Missionary order, was accused in 2008 of sexually abusing a child in the Phoenix Diocese in the 1980s. Church officials said the allegations were credible. When SNAP exposed this allegation in 2013, Claretian officials admitted that they sent Suttle to Argentina. They say the cleric is being monitored and has been "removed from any ministry with children."
But he is still on the job, SNAP says, with a Claretian UN team. Now living in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he's almost certainly among vulnerable and unsuspecting families who know nothing of the accusations against him.

That's kind of like the Golden Globes giving themselves a Golden Globe.

The priest now works at the UN? The place where the survivors' filing ended up instead of The Hague?

What is there in the press event announced above that will result in  action, other than to point? Will any bishop be prosecuted, will any policy change, will anything be accomplished except news coverage of SNAP?

One thing I criticized them for Sunday was they never reveal any new stories, so here they are reminding people that they "exposed" this priest in 2013 (after he was first accused in 2008) and now he works for the UN in Argentina. Wow, that's real effective activism. 

I give up on Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. They are all PR, nothing real

SNAP will be in L.A. Friday (tomorrow) for something they put together so they could have a reason to appear in L.A. and so they could appear to be working for survivors. That's what they do, they appear.

Appear and point and then get their names in the news.

I have a feeling if I hadn't criticized them so much here last Sunday, they would not even be coming to L.A., but we'll never know that, bk they never communicate with anyone.

How can people still fall for this stuff?

ASK SNAP TO TURN OVER THEIR FILES and you will see, they act exactly like the Church.
UPDATE MAY 2, The award is from the Feminist Foundation, not SNAP.  

As someone informed me by email. That does not refute the fact that this trip was just a PR event, it had nothing to do with advocacy, bk all SNAP does is promote themselves and garner news stories, and there IS NO SUBSTANCE AT ALL BEHIND THEIR ACT and is there a reporter out there anywhere who will investigate and write this story and get themselves all kinds of investigative journalism awards?  SNAP IS A FRAUD, a front by the American Bishops, and a hundred thousand pedophile priest victims got screwed all over again by SNAP.  HELP.  WRITE THIS STORY, so this little old lady can rest. Please.  

A real groundswell of supporters went to their press event today (what, three?) with two TV reporters from foreign countries the only press.  Doesn't anyone notice that no victims show up for SNAP events, yet SNAP leaders stand in front of cameras and say they are doing a good job and that's all the media reports, what they say to the cameras and microphones.  



If SNAP were a genuine organization, they would have connected with survivors such as myself and with Jim Robertson and mended fences, explained how we are seeing things wrong, made friends.  Instead they respond to criticism in the same way the Catholic Church responds, with secrets, media control, and diversion.  

SNAP needs to turn over its files, open its documents, reveal who they are and where they get their money, and come clean as to who is in charge. 

-Kay Ebeling 

Woke up Sat AM thinking: Since I did this blog, I learned a lot more than most survivors who deal with SNAP.  If I could learn what I did as a little old lady with a blog, where are the real journalists out there who have resources to actually do investigate how the pedophile priest victims were manipulated and re-screwed by this fake advocacy organization.  

I bet it would be the story of the year for someone brave enough to dig. 

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