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Thursday, May 1, 2014

They Are Watching Us, now in Europe too

Yup, SNAP is doing the same thing in Europe they did in the U.S., so you can expect zero results.  See here, they doing all demonstrations outside churches and Catholic corporate properties in Europe as they got us to do in the U.S., which assures that Catholic security people can see who shows up and get all the information they want on the new victims coming forward. 

Geneva- Victims to leaflet outside cathedral

Survivors Network of Those Abused by Priests

Victims to leaflet outside cathedral
Two child molesting clerics worked in Switzerland
Group urges church members & staff to report abuse
SNAP: “Catholic officials should do more to protect kids”
"Do more to protect kids"? No, the bishops should be federally indicted.  This is not advocacy SNAP does, it is backhanded damage control.  Same exact formula they did in the U.S. they are now doing in Europe. It makes me sick go watch it, makes me even more sick watching the media and victims fall for it. 

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