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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I see now the goal of this UN hearing, sheesh

How convenient
I guess we can see now the purpose of putting the international investigation of pedophile priest abuse at the UN instead of The Hague.  At the UN the Vatican can release false numbers and have them published everywhere, with no one challenging them:

848 priests defrocked, 2,572 disciplined in 10 years: Vatican

GENEVA The Globe and Mail (Canada) JOHN HEILPRIN AND NICOLE WINFIELD, GENEVA — The Associated Press Published Tuesday, May. 06 2014
The Vatican released comprehensive statistics for the first time Tuesday on how it has disciplined priests accused of raping and molesting children, saying 848 priests have been defrocked and another 2,572 given lesser sanctions over the past decade.

That is maybe 20 percent of the number of pedophile priests in the United States alone. And what will happen from here?  The UN has no subpoena power, no indictments follow, we'll never even know if the Vatican really defrocked 848 priests.  We would have been able to file subpoenas at The Hague, which is what this UN weirdness started out as.  But here instead we have a convenient place, a UN hearing, for the Vatican to put out these false numbers of priests, and it does not jibe with Bishop Accountability's numbers for the USA alone.  Remarkable.
(Thanks to Kathy Shaw, who posts Abuse Tracker and lets us all keep up with stories above when I'm at work, and I know Kathy does not agree with some of the things I say, but she still works with me. . . love her)
From Reality Check May 6
Much is at stake. Many countries have statutes of limitations on the prosecution of criminal sexual assault, but not torture. The Center for Constitutional Rights, which advocates on behalf of victims, claimed in a report submitted to the hearing that the Vatican had refused to cooperate with law enforcement and moved predatory priests from country to country to help them avoid prosecution.
So you give up on getting them for all the criminal conspiracy that allowed the pedophilia to happen, instead go after them for "sexual torture" by priests, as it has a better SOL. Notice this moves blame back to the priests and away from the bishops. 
Good luck with that. 

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